The following is the introduction to “The Bedside Urban Voltaire” 1990

logoJACK McLean alias the Urban Voltaire – is one of the most original columnists in the Scottish press. In the past twenty years. He has become an institution and has developed a loyal leadership, as well as making a few enemies. THE BEDSIDE URBAN VOLTAIRE is a compilation of his most hilarious, entertaining, outrageous (and opinionated) columns and articles from The Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman.

Very few subjects have escaped McLean’s distinctive penmanship over the last two decades – education, religion, food and women, are all mixed and matched to varying degrees. His columns move speedily from affectionate reverie to scathing wit and have readers laughing in one paragraph and seething with indignation in the next, but never putting the paper down – tearing it up, perhaps.

Jack McLean is a great stylist, a proponent of the written word and one of the best-known faces in Glasgow. His writing also reveals some of Glasgow’s other unsurpassed characters. He is himself, immensely popular, outspoken, brash, lovable and great company.